SharePoint Solutions


Microsoft SharePoint gives you and your staff the ability to collaborate in a centralized system that’s designed to increase productivity and profitability.

MGM InfoTech can provide SharePoint Solutions with Out of the Box or custom developed features, such as SharePoint Add-Ins. In addition, we can also develop enterprise-wide portal which integrates with a number of disparate packaged and custom applications. Leveraging SharePoint solutions makes it easier for people to work together.

Our Service range:

1.SharePoint Integration with Enterprise Applications
MGM InfoTech provides SharePoint Integration with Enterprise Applications such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM, SAP, NAV etc.

2.Installation, Customization & Deployment:
We help deploy SharePoint solutions by installing and customizing and leveraging unique features to adapt to your specific business needs.

3.Enterprise Content Management & Search:
To efficiently store and quickly retrieve content within an organization, we help you device methods.

4.Workflow & Collaboration:
Using common, standardized and repeatable business processes we create workflows and collaboration solutions.

5.Custom SharePoint Development:
Our experts can develop custom solutions such as SharePoint Add-Ins, custom web parts, dashboards, business intelligence (reports, power BI, SSRS) etc.